Waste water treatment plants

Treatment of municipal waste water from small application such as family houses up to larger applications like residential areas and villages.

Always a reliable solution with an automatic operation mode that ensures low operation costs during the whole life cycle. Every unit is equipped with an intelligent system which recognizes the real quantity of waste water and on that basis it uses only the necessary energy for treatment which gives the system great operational effectiveness. It is available in strong concrete tanks for heavy duty areas or in plastic tanks for easy manipulation.

Pumping stations

It is designed for the delivery of raw sewage water, rain water, underground water or industrial waste water from low lying areas.

The range of professional and reliable pumping stations fits from residential applications to a large and powerful solution with high flows. A large range of accessories enables customized solutions for the most demanding of applications.

The largest part of the cost during life cycle of pumping station is made up of energy and the cost of the service, so it is a priority to create only highly efficient solutions with long life components.

Separation technology

The separation of rain water or industrial waste water with oil matters or waste water with grease. The range of separators covers the applications from very small flow rates up to large industrial use with high flows. The integrated sludge trap is a matter of course. The first stage of gravity separation is completed by additional stages to increase the efficiency and the ecological impact.

The separators operation is without a supply of energy and creates a low maintenance demand.

Rain water management

Complete system with collection and reusing of rain water for home or industrial application. The production range includes a collection tank with mechanical pre-treatment, devices for water distribution and its intelligent control unit and in the case of a request for high quality a filtration unit. According to the system option used the water can be reused on the garden or inside the house for toilets flushing, washing machines, and other appliances.

The system protects natural sources as well as the operation costs of households or companies.

Easy and quick installation Strong plastic or heavy duty concrete tanks enable installation without any additional concrete works. The installation cost decreases to minimum and it does not matter if the application has a high level of underground water, traffic load or deep installation.
Easy and quick maintenance With the help of advanced technology the maintenance demands are decreased to the minimum level and all necessary activities are easily accessed.
Economic and ecological operation Smart control system that recognizes the real load and consumes only the necessary amount of electric power for automatic operation within the required minimal demand for maintenance works. The efficient motors ensure an economically and ecologically highly effective system which significantly decreases operation and power costs.
Service and support guaranteed The supply of technology units is only the first step, the following give full technical and operation support for customers’ satisfaction. The professional warranty and after warranty service are a matter of course.
Strong and smell-proof covers No smell leakage through access covers as all units can be easily equipped with access covers for the load class D400.
Suitable and affordable solution We are confident that we have efficient applications for customer’s technical and economical requirements.