Small waste water treatment plants

Waste water treatment plants Bio Cleaner Air are technological devices designed with a high resistance to hydraulic overload during daily peaks as well as the production of waste water for random events (visits, celebrations, etc.). Low loaded activation and long residence time ensures excellent cleaning efficiency and stability of the system. Operating costs are reduced as the technology is equipped with large capacity storage tanks for surplus sludge thereby increasing the desludging interval.

SBR technology is designed to reduce the demand for regular maintenance to a minimum. Processes are automated and according to the real load the control unit automatically switches between several modes of operation thus reaching the best level of energy effectiveness.

WWTP technology is installed in concrete tank resistant to underground water and load class D. The installation is always simple and without additional concrete works.

Waste water treatment plants Bio Cleaner Air are available in two versions: An automatic version with automatic operation mode and Automatic EKO with significant decreasing of energy consumption and higher efficiency of treatment. It is also possible to control the unit connected to the GSM gateway.

Wastewater Bio Clean Air can be equipped with facilities for the removing of total phosphorus.

Technical parameters

Guaranteed average values

Guaranteed average values for nominal hydraulic and biological loading and compliance with the operating manual are:

25 mg/l
90 mg/l
35 mg/l
10 mg/l - for temperature 12°C

Compliance with all the requirements of EN 12566-3, which is proven by CE certificate.


1. Easy installation with no additional concrete works

  • Roadworthy access cover load class B or D
  • Applications with underground water
  • Deep installation
  • Installation on the slope

2. Very stable system with big volumes of technological stages

  • Big capacity of buffer tank - overload protected
  • Low loaded activation sludge - high treatment efficiency
  • Big capacity of storage tank – long desludging period

3. No smell

4. Cost savings

  • Purchase cost
  • Installation costs
  • Operation costs – extended interval of desludging
  • High quality of electric components – no failures and exchanging of the components
  • Low power consumption

Technological scheme

SBR technology

Easy and quick installation Strong plastic or heavy duty concrete tanks enable installation without any additional concrete works. The installation cost decreases to minimum and it does not matter if the application has a high level of underground water, traffic load or deep installation.
Easy and quick maintenance With the help of advanced technology the maintenance demands are decreased to the minimum level and all necessary activities are easily accessed.
Economic and ecological operation Smart control system that recognizes the real load and consumes only the necessary amount of electric power for automatic operation within the required minimal demand for maintenance works. The efficient motors ensure an economically and ecologically highly effective system which significantly decreases operation and power costs.
Service and support guaranteed The supply of technology units is only the first step, the following give full technical and operation support for customers’ satisfaction. The professional warranty and after warranty service are a matter of course.
Strong and smell-proof covers No smell leakage through access covers as all units can be easily equipped with access covers for the load class D400.
Suitable and affordable solution We are confident that we have efficient applications for customer’s technical and economical requirements.