Lpress C

Pumping stations for pressure drainage system

Complete assembly of the pump shaft DN 1000 made from concrete, contended from the bottom part and having openings for a gravity inlet pipe and pressure outlet pipe and openings for electric cable and a set of level switches. The unit is equipped with single or double single-screw sewage pumps with a grinder system. The discharge pipe includes all necessary fittings and an automatic control system working using the principle of level sensing electrode and double secured with a float switch. The control system includes signal lights for operating conditions and maximum water level. The system is designed with a double protection if the pump runs dry.

Technical parameters

Easy and quick installation Strong plastic or heavy duty concrete tanks enable installation without any additional concrete works. The installation cost decreases to minimum and it does not matter if the application has a high level of underground water, traffic load or deep installation.
Easy and quick maintenance With the help of advanced technology the maintenance demands are decreased to the minimum level and all necessary activities are easily accessed.
Economic and ecological operation Smart control system that recognizes the real load and consumes only the necessary amount of electric power for automatic operation within the required minimal demand for maintenance works. The efficient motors ensure an economically and ecologically highly effective system which significantly decreases operation and power costs.
Service and support guaranteed The supply of technology units is only the first step, the following give full technical and operation support for customers’ satisfaction. The professional warranty and after warranty service are a matter of course.
Strong and smell-proof covers No smell leakage through access covers as all units can be easily equipped with access covers for the load class D400.
Suitable and affordable solution We are confident that we have efficient applications for customer’s technical and economical requirements.